Study Reports


  1. Groundwater Management in Rajasthan: Identifying Local Management Actions. (July, 2009).
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  1. Hydrological and Farming System Impacts of Agricultural Water Management Interventions for Sustainable Groundwater Use in North Gujarat & Strategies for Improving the Poor Farmers’ Access to Groundwater. (April, 2010).
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  2. Groundwater Management in Jaipur, Rajasthan: Identifying Local Management Strategies. (Sep, 2010).
  3. Tool Kit for Integrated Urban Water Management. (October, 2010).
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  4. Multiple-Use Water Services to Reduce Poverty and Vulnerability to Climate Variability and Change: A Collaborative Action Research Project in Maharashtra, India. (November, 2010).
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  1. Water and Livelihood Security Project: Reviving Traditional Irrigation Commons in North Karnataka and South Bihar. (Feb, 2011).
  2. Tank Ecology and Multiple Uses of Water in Villages of Western Orissa: Technology Choices, Economics, Institutions and Livelihoods. (March, 2011).
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  3. Building Scientific Knowledge with Social Engineering: Physical and Socio-economic Impacts of Land and Water Based Interventions of ACF in Coastal Gujarat and Western Rajasthan. (May, 2011).
  4. Realistic Vs Mechanistic: Analyzing the Real Economic and Social Benefits of Sardar Sarovar Narmada Project. (August, 2011).
  5. Irrigation Efficiencies and Water Productivity in Sugarcane in Godavari River Basin, Maharashtra. (December, 2011).


  1. Making Rehabilitation Work: Protocols for Improving Performance of Irrigation Tanks in Andhra Pradesh. (May, 2012).
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  2. Strategies for Improved Sanitation in Rural Andhra Pradesh. (June, 2012).
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  3. Micro Irrigation Business India: Potential, Challenges and Future Prospects. (July, 2012).
  4. Promoting Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation in Rural Maharashtra: Institutional and Policy Regimes. (November, 2012).
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  1. Strategies for Water Management Activities under MGNREGS for Generating Better Employment Opportunities and Social Welfare. (April, 2013).
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  2. Catchment Assessment and Planning for Watershed Management in India: A Strategic Review. (September, 2013).
  3. Water Accounting for Luni River Basin, Western Rajasthan. (Dec, 2013).
  4. Rapid Water Accounting of Warna River Basin, Maharashtra. (Dec, 2013).


  1. Energy Saving Potential in Agriculture Sector in Maharashtra: Evidences from three important Production Supporting Activities. (September, 2014).


  1. Using Technology to Ensure Ground Water Safety and Security in a Tribal Block of Chandrapur, Maharashtra. (January, 2015).
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  2. The Factors Causing Agrarian Crisis in India: A Study from Four Agro-ecological Regions in India. (June, 2015).
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  3. Catchment Assessment and Planning for Watershed Management. (June, 2015).
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  4. Water Resources Development, Use and their Management in Andhra Pradesh: A Study. (August, 2015).
  5. Water Accounting Study and Water-Related Risk Assessment for Kanpur Metropolitan Area. (September, 2015).
  6. Institutional Arrangements for Flood Management with Special Reference to Burhi Gandak and Baitarani Sub-basins. (September, 2015).


  1. Market Analysis of Desalinated Water for Irrigation and Domestic Use in India. (Oct, 2016).


  1. Capacity Building for Planning of Climate-Resilient WASH Services in Rural Maharashtra. (April, 2017).
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  2. Market Analysis: Desalinated Water for Irrigation and Domestic Use in India(June 2017).
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  3. Mapping of Climate Risk in the WASH Sector of Rajasthan(December, 2017)
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  1. Improving the Performance of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sector in Maharashtra


  1. Capacity Building and Action Planning on Drinking Water Safety for Rural Areas of Maharashtra under NRDWP (June 2019)
  2. Action Plans for Climate-Resilient and Risk Informed WASH Services in Barmer and Sirohi Districts of Rajasthan (July 2019)


  1. Study on Water Footprint in Cotton Production for Maharashtra and Gujarat (September 2020)
  2. Sustainable Rural Drinking Water Supply: Exploring the Strategic, Techno-Institutional Model for Maharashtra to Strengthen Functional Household Tap Connection (FHTC) under Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) (November 2020)
  3. Storm Water Management Plan of Cuttack City, Odisha (December 2020)


  1. Climate Resilient Interventions for Enhancing Domestic Water Security in Rural Rajasthan (August 2021)