Training Programmes

Sustainable Groundwater Management in Arid and Semi-arid Regions of India, 22-27 March, 2010. IRMA, Anand, Gujarat (Organized in collaboration with Society for Integrated Land and Water Management (SOFILWM), Palanpur with partial financial support from UNICEF, Mumbai).

Sustainable Groundwater Management in Semi-arid, Hard Rock Areas of Maharashtra, 04-07 January, 2011. YASHADA, Pune, Maharashtra (Organized with financial support from UNICEF, Mumbai for the senior officials of Groundwater Survey and Development Agency, Pune).

Water Insecurity and Climate Variability in India: Theoretical Understanding and Practical Programming, February 25 – March 01, 2013. Hotel The Park, Hyderabad (Organized in association with SaciWATERs and financial support from SCaN and Climate Water Forum, Hyderabad).

Groundwater Management for Drinking Water Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Growth,22-25 July, 2013. Hyderabad (Organized with partial financial support from SRTT, Mumbai).

Managing Agriculture Water Demands in India: Applying Integrated Approaches, October 21-25, 2013. Hotel Eastin Easy Citizen, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad (Organized in collaboration with Gujarat Institute of Development Research, and supported by Cap-Net and SCaN).

Capacity building and Supportive Supervision of Training on Real Time tracking of drinking water security, Aurangabad, Maharashtra - GSDA, Govt. of Maharashtra and UNICEF

International Trainings

Organized three training programmes for the higher level officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE), in association with Sheladia Associates Inc. Maryland, US.

A. Irrigation Development and Agriculture Water Management: Technological, Institutional and Policy Imperatives: August 25 – September 09, 2014, Hyderabad. (Organized for Higher level officials and Project Coordinators)

B. Irrigation Development, Management of Irrigation System and Water Resources Management: Approaches and Learning from India: September 19 – October 04, 2014, Hyderabad. (Organized for the Irrigation Engineers)

C. Management of Irrigated Agriculture: Approaches and Learning from India: September 19 –October 04, 2014, Hyderabad. (Organized for Agronomists and Training Officers)

Enhancing the performance of Irrigated Agriculture for Small-holder Farmers in Ethiopia: December 11-20, 2014 - Hotel Grand Sartaj, New Delhi. (Organized for Higher officials and Agriculture Minister from the Ministry of Agriculture, FDRE) Sponsored by the Agriculture Growth Programme of the Ministry

Projects & Training Programmes