Research Staff

V. Niranjan
M.Tech. - Senior Researcher

Nearly 17 years of experience in the fields of Environmental Impact Assessment, Water Resources Management and Environmental Monitoring. Prepared EIA reports for many major industries in India and abroad. Also worked on irrigation efficiencies and water productivity (Economic and Physical). Prepared many schedules to understand the impact of irrigation tanks on the command areas. Can work independently on projects related to tank management and evaluation of the systems. Successfully contributed in research attributing to Multiple Use of Water Services. Experienced in performance evaluation of major, medium and minor irrigation projects. Experienced in evaluation of cascading system of tank irrigation. Was responsible for review of literature, primary data analysis and generating output tables. Was a part of two major projects, one “Reasons for Agrarian Crisis in India” sponsored by ICSSR and second, “Drought monitoring in Maharashtra”, supported by UNICEF, Mumbai. Played a major role in research support for “Multiple Use of Water Services to reduce poverty and vulnerability to climate variability and change”, supported by UNICEF, Mumbai. Contributed in terms of research and field survey for “Converting tanks and ponds into multiple use water systems for poverty reduction and livelihood enhancement”, supported by IWMI. Team member of the two projects, one “Study on Natural Resource Management for Strengthening Agro-based Livelihood in fragile regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan”, supported by Ambuja Cement Foundation and two “Making ‘Rehabilitation’ Work: Protocols for improving performance of irrigation tanks in Andhra Pradesh”, supported by Sir Ratan Tata Trust-Mumbai under Small Grants Program.

P. N. A. Vaishnavi
M.Tech. - Research Officer

Saikat Mandal
M.Tech. - Research Officer