Executive Director

Dr. M. Dinesh Kumar
B-Tech, M.E., Ph.D
Executive Director

Dr. Dinesh Kumar is the Executive Director of IRAP, which he founded in 2008. He has more than 30 years of experience working on technical, economic, institutional & policy issues in water management in India and other south Asian countries such as Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Dr. Kumar is the author of several books on water, energy, agriculture, food security and has published extensively in international peer-reviewed journals on hydrology, water resources, energy, and food security. Dr. Kumar has 180 research papers to his credit including several journal articles, book chapters, international conference papers and monographs.

The major areas of expertise of Dr. Kumar are irrigation, river basin management, groundwater management, water-energy-food security nexus, urban water management, water productivity in agriculture and virtual water trade. Dr. Kumar has a Ph. D in Water Management, M. E in Civil Engineering (Water Resources Management) and B-Tech in Civil Engineering.

Dr Kumar is the Associate Editor of Water Policy since 2011 and a Member of the Editorial Board of International Journal of Water Resources Development since 2014, Public Library of Science (PLOS) Water Journal Since May 2021 and Frontiers in Water Journal since June 2021.