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What Will PM Narendra Modi's Second Term Mean For India's Acute Water Crisis ?| Urban Reality

CII Regional Summit on Water Resource Management - Towards a Water Secure South India’ held on Wednesday, 23 October 2019 in partnership with GIZ

In partnership with UNICEF, IRAP has developed an index for mapping climate risk in WASH. The index has been computed for districts in two divisions (Vidharba and Marathwada) of Maharashtra and for all the districts in Rajasthan.

National Seminar on Minor Irrigation - Issues and Challenges, Satavahana University and Centre for Economic and Social Studies Hyderabad, 30th - 31st December 2019, Karimnagar.

Training Course on "Integrated Pipe Irrigation Network and Micro Irrigation", 12th - 14th February 2020, Jaipur (Rajasthan).

Sixth DMI Foundation Day Symposium on Water Governance:Issues & Challenges, 13th-14th February 2020, Patna.