• Comprehensive assessment of the condition of natural resources, their services and their interaction with society and nature.
  • Analysis of the inter-dependence and interactions of key natural resources, viz., water, land and forests.
  • Impact analysis of various policies and programmes of governments, and internationalas well as national institutional and policy regimes on natural resource use and management and the society at large; impact of formal and informal markets on productivity of resource use andaccess equity.
  • Research to help evolve comprehensive policies for the sustainable management of key natural resources, keeping in view their interactions and inter-dependence, with an accent on equitable access to and efficient use of the resource.
  • Analysis of formal institutional and administrative structures and markets, and search for appropriate institutional arrangements for sustainable management of the resources.
  • Undertake research on social aspects, NGO/ civil society interventions as well as behavioural and organizational dimensions in effective management.
  • Development of tools and techniques for disseminating knowledge and information about approaches and strategies for management of natural resources and their services, and natural resources based livelihood enhancement.