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Welcome to IRAP

[intro textalign=”center”]The Institute for Resource Analysis and Policy [IRAP] came into being with the suggestions and support of some visionaries in government, academia, industry, and NGO sector. Its formation is justified by the fact that there is a dearth of institutions working on all key sectors of natural resources in India, which carry out multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research.[/intro] [spacing size=”40px”] [siservice icon=”fa-cloud-upload”  color=”#d20e1c” width=”33.3333%” borderleft=”false”]


Analyzing the inter-dependence and interactions of different key natural resources, viz., water, land and forests.Analyzing the impacts of various policies and programs of governments.

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Policy Advocacy

To undertake policy advocacy for sustainable natural resource management systems that are people centered and based on principles of equity,productivity and resource sustainability.

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To undertake multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research and consultancy projects on natural resources,comprising their assessments,interactions and inter-dependence.

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Development of Tools and Techniques

Development of Tools and Techniques for disseminating knowledge and information about approaches and strategies for management of natural resources.

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Dissemination of knowledge accrued from research studies undertaken,through high quality in-house publications and peer reviewed journals articles.

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Undertakes research on physical, social, economic, institutional, legal and policy aspects of natural resources and their linkages with environment.


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